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The Green Lion Concept

The Green Lion Concept

A fashion and eco-responsible brand

Le lion Green Lion

Green Lion, a vegetarian lion

This original and quirky idea has inspired the fundamentals of our brand : Strength and Respect.

Our wish is to bring a positive and responsible fashion statement with a refined design.

Green Lion’s objective is to unite a committed community of fashion consumer/actors who support transparency, ethical behavior and environmental protection.

Respecting the environment is at the core of our preoccupations. Consequently, we only use organic, natural or recycled raw materials.

Minimalist and intemporal, our brand ethically designs refined and sustainable products with original styling.

Who are we?

Zakaria, founder of the brand, has worked in the fashion industry for more than 20 years. He and his team are totally committed to reasonable fashion, with a positive footprint, ecologically and sociologically speaking.

Our team is passionate about nature and positive change and we hope to act for the Planet and for Mankind. We believe in a better future.

Zakaria Green Lion
produits durables green lion

Sustainable and Desirable

Produce less, but in a better way.
We feel that a well selected garment, properly cared for and regularly worn, constitutes the base of an eco-responsible wardrobe.

Everyone agrees that fast fashion is irresponsible, but, in fact, what are we doing about it ?

At Green Lion, no Tee-shirt is less expensive than a sandwich, nor do we turn out a new collection every two weeks. We are not looking to produce quickly at a frenetic rate, nor at the lowest cost. Green Lion products are eco-designed with style and elegance in mind but are especially made to last. In fact, no chemical treatments or components are used which affect the raw materials to avoid keeping up with the season’s trends. All of this is in respect to Mankind and the Environment.