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Green Lion Commitments

Green Lion Commitments

Coton Biologique​

Organic Cotton

We use a cotton coming from organic agriculture and certified GOTS, grown with a natural compost which replaces chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Using no GMOs nor any agrochemical substance, the water necessary for the production of organic cotton allows us to reduce consumption by half in comparison with conventional cotton. Its fiber is bleached with oxygenated water and not with chloride. The dyes are obtained without heavy metals nor any other cancerous substances.

This renders the labor of cotton inoffensive for craftsmen and avoids the risk of allergies when worn.

Recycled Polyester

Did you know that more than 70% of plastic bottles in PET (Plastic Petroleum Source) are not recycled and end up in our oceans ?

The denim fabric of our jeans is composed of polyester fibers recovered through recycling and the post consumption treatment of plastic. These fibers are then mixed with recycled cotton allowing us to save tremendous volumes of water and energy.

This approach allows us to lower quantities of non treated waste while at the same time reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.

Polyester Recyclé
Lavage et Teinture

Washing and Dying

Green Lion has made the choice of offering dark canvases in order to avoid the use of chlorine or pumice stones. And when we want to soften our denim fabrics we use Eco-friendly enzymes.

We use an EIM tool – Environmental Impact Measuring – capable of measuring the impact of our products on Mankind and the Environment.

The EIM developped by Jeanologia, attributes a green, orange or red score in function with the ecological footprint of the garment.

All of our jeans have obtained a green score. Moreover, we have made no compromises in the choice of our dyes and 100% of our pigments are certified BLUESIGN.

This guarantees us a non-pollutant and eco-efficient production.

Short Cycle

We have taken on the commitment to working in a short cycle with countries such as Spain, Portugal and Morocco, therefore limiting our carbon footprint during transportation of Green Lion products.

And the choice of proximity is not simply a small detail when one knows that more than 70% of garments sold in France are manufactured in Southeast Asia and that a product can encircle the earth 1 ½ times before being commercialized. As a consequence : tons of carbon dioxides and pollutant waste.

Circuit Court
atelier jean ecologique


In order to give meaning to Green Lion products, we produce them in workshops where the know-how has been handed down from generation to generation.

We are committed to respecting the work of our partners and to maintaining their dignity thanks to fair labor laws and a decent salary.

We have chosen to work with one supplier from Portugal, one from Spain, and three from Morocco with whom we design and produce carefully conceived, sustainable, quality products.

While being attentive to our manner of production, we give meaning to our products and preserve the world of tomorrow.