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Certifications and labels

Certifications and labels



The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is a global reference using exacting criteria, particularly on social, environmental and technical levels, in an effort to privilege the use of fibers coming from renewable or recycled materials.

This label ensures the use of respectful environmental processes over the entire production chain.


Global Organic Textile Standard

The GOTS standard (Global Organic Textile Standard) is an international certification label of fibers coming from organic agriculture. This reference aims to guarantee the biological substance of textiles using a responsible production process from both an environmental and social standpoint.

The organic raw materials, grown without GMO pesticides nor any chemical fertilizers, are separated from conventional materials and clearly identified. Any chemical industrial transformation (dyes, processes, auxiliary textiles) is subject to a rigorous evaluation and must meet the basic requirements relating to toxicity and biodegradability.

Global Organic Textile Standard
Label Bluesign


The Independent Industry Textile Standard

BLUESIGN is an internationally recognized standard occuring at the global supply chain level. It certifies that the raw materials, chemical products and processes used are without risk for craftsmen, consumers and the ecosystem.

Procuring this label requires an audit of raw materials, trims, water, chemicals and energy consumption. Following that is an evaluation of the eco-toxicological impact of each component.

Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM)

The Environmental Impact Measuring (EIM) is a tool developped by Jeanologia, world leader and inventor of laser washing and other Eco-friendly technologies, allowing to gauge the environmental impact of washing and other processes of jeans.

The EIM tool measures the consumption of water, energy and chemicals as well as the safety level and security of workers.

Environmental Impact Measuring EIM
Machine Jeanologia
Label Oeko Tex


Is a label that aims to guarantee textiles devoid of harmful chemicals for humans and the ecosystem. It reinsures the consumer that the fabrics, dyes and trims involved in the production of the garment contain no toxic substance that could present a risk to the consumer’s health.